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In Home Personal Training: What to Expect

To ensure the best experience possible, Fundamental Fitness follows a four-step process with each new client:

  • Provide a Free Initial Consultation
  • Perform an Assessment and Goal-Setting Session
  • Implement a Safe and Effective Diet and Exercise Plan
  • Measure Results and Reassess Goals

The purpose of the free initial consultation is for you to get to know your personal trainer, and to present an overview of the program to help you decide if Fundamental Fitness is right for you. Your trainer will also get a better understanding of what you want from a diet and exercise program.

During your fitness assessment and goal-setting session, your personal trainer performs an initial assessment, takes your measurements, discusses your health history, and gathers other vital information. Based on this assessment, your trainer helps you set your short-term and long-term goals. If you have any injuries, illnesses or other health conditions, you may need a doctor's clearance before implementing your plan.

Based on the assessment and your goals, your personal trainer creates your diet and exercise plan. Your trainer will set up your workout schedule, and you will meet with your personal trainer two to four times a week. These sessions will focus on strength, conditioning, balance and flexibility. Your trainer also helps you develop additional workouts you can do on your own on the days between sessions.

Throughout the entire process, your personal trainer works with you to measure results and reassess goals. Your trainer will help keep you on track with your nutrition plan and measure your progress towards your goals. As you reach your goals, your trainer will add more challenge and intensity to your program to ensure that you see continued improvement.

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